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Nov 4 / Dani

Something fishy

The past two years we have had very few trick or treaters, so this year rather than buying store bought candy I thought I would make something a little more fun. (Some of you can already see where this is going, I know it).

I picked up some fruit roll ups, some fruit by the foot tape stuff, some gummy fish, worms, and licorice. I made up a couple of batches of Rice Krispy treats, and a few sticky hours later, Candy Sushi!

For the maki, I rolled out the fruit roll up, put a layer of rice treat down, leaving one end uncovered (about 1/2″). Then I put down a piece of licorice and a worm, rolled the whole thing up and stuck the uncovered end to the outside of the roll to keep it together. I let the whole thing cool and used a sharp serrated blade to cut them into little pieces.

For the nigiri, I made little treat logs, put a gummy fish on each one and wrapped it with green fruit by the foot (which happened to have sparkles in it…). Once those cooled, two pieces of each went into a tiny takeout box.

I was so proud of myself. The first year we were here we had about 15 kids. Last year we had about 12. So I made 20 boxes, and I would say I had about 20 other pieces of stuff to give out (leftover fruit roll ups, some other little chocolate bars from my stash). And what happens? Gone by 6:30. I am not kidding. I had to turn out the lights before it was even dark outside. And the kids were SO rude. Only one or two kids the whole night even said “trick or treat” let alone “thank you”. However, my next door neighbour’s kid did say both, quite nicely, and I even got an email the next day from his mom saying how the sushi was a huge hit, and could she know how I made it. Still, I am pretty sure next year I am going to pick up some bagged candy. šŸ™‚


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  1. missbedora / Nov 4 2010

    I was dying with impatience to see these! SOOO cool. That would be so cool for a favour for a shower or another party. Maybe a SMALL party though, because I’m sure that was a lot of work. Lucky neighbours!!


  2. Jillian / Nov 4 2010

    These are so cool! We had tons of kids last year and hardly any this year so we have way way too much candy in the house now. And we finally turned out the lights at 9 pm when the ‘kids’ who were showing up didn’t have costumes and were definitely older teenagers!

  3. Mom / Nov 4 2010

    So cute! I bought all the stuff, but ran out of time for our party, made Frankenstein’s head and little carmel apples (cookies), all disappeared! You might have to eat some next weekend. Too bad the kids were rude, so annoying!

  4. amanda / Nov 5 2010

    I love this, and want to try!
    We thankfully got rid of all our candy this year, I was eating way too much of it before Halloween…

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