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Nov 8 / Dani

Scarf Intervention

Anyone that has met me knows that I love scarves. Recently I had to start using a sweater caddy in the hall closet to hold all of them. They had been neatly piled in the top of the closet, but the last scarf that went on caused the pile to collapse onto my head.

So, rather than stopping with the scarves, I thought I would make more! That seems logical, right?

I love all the flannel that is so hot right now, but I am not quite ready to dive back into flannel shirts (I survived “Grunge” once, not quite ready for it again). All you need to make this one is about two yards of flannel, cut down to 72″ x 22″ or so. Use a zig zag stitch on the long edges to keep it from fraying too much, and then use a felled seam to sew the short edges together. That’s it!

I liked how thick and fluffy this one was, but I wanted something that was a little thinner, so I made one with a piece 72″ x 10″ or so.

I know it doesn’t look much different, but trust me, it is a lot smaller. This was a really inexpensive project and very quick to complete.

While I was buying my flannel, I also picked up some purple jersey.

I made this scarf using this wonderful tutorial. This was the first time I have worked with elastic thread, and it was so much fun! I was a complete spazz while I was sewing this – just all over the place running it through the machine.

It was so quick, but it yielded just the best ruffly squishy soft scarf. I can see that I will be making more of these ones, maybe even as gifts.

The original reason I bought the jersey though was to make this poncho. I wish there was a more elegant word for it. Poncho reminds me of the little woven things I used to wear as a kid.

I loosely used this tutorial for this one, but I didn’t do any of the hemming with it. I just stitched the one side together and top stitched the neckline. I am looking forward to wearing this one because it feels so much like wearing a t-shirt but it is much more elegant.

The final thing I made is the one I think I like the most (click for a larger image)

Again, more flannel, but this one has a pink and brown houndstooth pattern. I used this tutorial for this one, which shows lots of different ways to wear it. I used some wooden buttons that I got years ago at a knitting show, and I used hair elastics rather than headbands (no cutting that way). I am planning on wearing this one to work tomorrow for the first time, so I will let you know how it handles the day.

I have some leftover scraps from these projects which I will probably use to make some more scarves. I am thinking of doing the elastic treatment to some of the leftover flannel, maybe the plaid one? We shall see. The leftover purple is going to be made into strips and then into a necklace, which is different than a scarf, right? I also have seen a couple of great tutorials lately for shirt refashions, so I might get into a bit of that. At least the shirts are definitely not another scarf!


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  1. Mom / Nov 8 2010

    Oh! All so pretty, but the purple scarf is my fav!!

  2. catie / Nov 9 2010

    Girl. Those look like something from NYC designers (not that I would know), I’m just sayin………….

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