Card Catch Up

It’s funny – there are times when I am concentrating on one craft at a time, and that of course is reflected in my blog posts with finished projects that seem to group together in craft categories. The one thing though that is always in between even the clusters of particular craft projects is cards. Cards always need to be made on a timeline, so they don’t wait for you to finish up that test knit you are working on or the quilt that needs to get done for a gift.

As a result, I always end up with a bunch of card pictures that have not been blogged. So here is another card round up!

A thank you card where I used the sewing machine to stitch around the outside of the background fabric. It’s easy to do, but much like cutting paper with good scissors it does dull the needle. And it makes a bit of a mess of paper bits in your machine. Luckily my good old Singer doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Another thank you card. This time I used some square brads that I have really been enamored with lately.

Again with this Christmas card for my nephew, you can see I have used the square brads again. I like this stamp set with the long, thin patterns.

This one here for my niece did not photograph very well, but it was really pretty in person. The ink is a light blue chalk, so it gave a very feminine look to a Christmas card.

With this one for my other nephew, I did a bit of antiquing on the edges to give it a bit of an old world look. I used round gold brads to create ornaments on the tree.

And this one is the main Christmas card that I made this year. There were a lot of other versions of this one with slightly different colours of paper and brads. I wanted to use what I had rather than buying new paper and what not. I did a couple of different things with the brads, like turning them to different directions and using a gold or silver. The little is a reindeer is a punch. I kept all the little cut outs and I am thinking of using them in some sort of centerpiece for my table.

And with that, I am all caught up!


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