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Jan 31 / Dani


One of the things I have committed to this year is knitting 12 sweaters (or larger projects) in 12 months. Due to some other projects that were on the needles, I didn’t get started with my January project until the 13th. I had planned on making Short Lucky by Thea Colman in Whirly Worsted, but I was really bummed to find out that I couldn’t get gauge (discovered at the Sit and Stitch when I took it off the needles and discovered it was probably 45″ around. Much too large for me). I was quite dismayed, so Whitney suggested a KAL to get me past my “knitterly misfortune” as she put it. Owls by Kate Davies had been in my queue forever, and I was going to use it this year as my ace in the hole so to speak. You know, on a month that was really busy with other things, I could knit the Owls up in no time. I just hadn’t planned on having to use my ace in the first month.

Gotta tell you, I am definitely not bummed now. I love this sweater!

Pattern: Owls by Kate Davies
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool
Needles: US 10 and 10.5
Buttons: The Crooked Stitch

I absolutely love the combination of bulky yarn and a fitted shape. It is easy for sweaters done in bulky to look, well, bulky. This one is very form fitting so it allows the femininity to shine, rather than the bulk.

The buttons totally make this sweater though. It was cute without them, now it makes me giggle with happiness. And I was lucky enough that there was a huge box of matching buttons at the shop. Don’t the owls look like they have little eyelids? The shape of the neckline is also just perfectly designed – not too wide, not gapey, and the short rows at the back make it come up just high enough.

And the Eco Wool is a perfect yarn for this sweater. Not that I needed to prove my Eco love, but this certainly helped. For my size this is only about $18 worth of yarn too. Can’t beat it.

I know this is going to get a lot of wear, and it has already seen it’s first Sit and Stitch. I managed to get it done a few days early too, so I am off to the February sweater: Short Lucky in Berroco Remix. Miles of 1 x 1 rib…..


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  1. Pam! / Jan 31 2011

    Beautiful sweater! and those buttons are just perfect.
    I’d really like to knit that sweater someday but form fitting & I don’t get along right now. ;>

  2. missbedora / Jan 31 2011

    Wow, that is gorgeous. So so flattering. And just so stinkin’ cute with the buttons!!

  3. sally / Jan 31 2011

    yeah, it’s ok.

    HAHA! You know I absolutely LOVE it, and that color — ohhhh, that color!

  4. Courtney / Jan 31 2011

    Ahhh! Your Owls is super-cute too. I don’t know HOW you and Natasha made that thing so dang fast!!! But…I’m a huge cascade eco fan….I may give in. 🙂

  5. Robin in VA / Jan 31 2011

    I LOVE IT!!!

  6. Julie / Jan 31 2011

    It looks so pretty!! And how aweosme is the Eco Wool?! Love the eco wool.

  7. amanda / Jan 31 2011

    Dani, this is my favorite FO by far on any blog I’ve seen in a while. LOVE IT! I also love the fitted look with bulky yarn.

  8. thea / Jan 31 2011

    Sometimes kismet just works for you! The owls are awesome – I always like this pullover best in neutrals, and the fit on you is perfect!!

  9. Mom / Jan 31 2011

    OMG, adorable! That looks absolutely great on you (skinny). The buttons are to die for! Is it a shade of grey? One of the pics showed more of a copper colour. Either are beautiful. Good job!!!

  10. jackie / Feb 3 2011


  11. sally / Feb 4 2011

    this has nothing to do with the sweater….I love your new header! Is this your new logo? Did you design it yourself? It’s awesome!

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