It’s Finally Here!

Well folks, I can finally let on why I have been away from the blog so much lately. I have finally opened KSC Designs! For years I have been encouraged by my wonderful friends and family to open my own business, featuring some of the things that I create. Today, after several months of work, and much a much longer time planning, I can say that KSC Designs is live!

Over the next few weeks there will be a number of different items added to the shop, and they are not just for knitters. There will be lots of cards, some quilts, some baby gifts, items for crocheters and many more. I hope that you will check back to see the updates as they happen! You can sign up for the mailing list (don’t worry, I will only send the occasional email) in the sidebar at the right, or you can like me on Facebook.

Today the shop is opening with my handmade knitting needle rolls. There are 4 styles available:

Eleanor – for straight needles

Sophie – for circular needles

Charlotte – for double pointed needles

and Maggie – for interchangeable needle sets

The design of each roll style has been thought out and tested to give the best features. Sophie for example, has clear windows on each pocket to allow you to create your own labels describing the contents. No more hunting around for the right sized circular. And Maggie has been designed to hold all types of interchangeable sets while still being nice and small to fit into even your small knitting bag.

Custom orders for specific sizes, fabrics or requests are definitely available. If your item is a gift for someone, special gift wrapping is also an option. And for my local shoppers – delivery is available.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that has helped me get ready to do something I have always hoped for. A particular thank you to TJ, who has put up with so much and been such a huge help and support over the last few weeks. You’re the best baby!

Thank you all for sticking with me and my blog for almost 7 years now. I hope for many more years to come!


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