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Feb 11 / Dani

Why Not Try Again?

Thank you very much everyone for your kind wishes about starting my business. I really appreciate it!

Last year Laura and I entered the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival’s Wearable Art competition with our dress called “Aubergine Evening“. We were absolutely stunned when we found out that we had won the amateur division. We were also a little shell shocked to think that it meant this year we would have to compete with the big dogs. The ‘professionals’.

It turns out that they have eliminated the amateur division this year anyway, so we are all in one big pot. We are in a lot higher level of competition now, so I certainly don’t expect to win a thing, but I do hope people enjoy checking out the dress. This is “The Last Night in Paris”

We decided rather than doing an overall quilting pattern, we would quilt a highlight fabric in the centre.

Since we took these pictures, we made a HUGE crinoline out of 10 yards of black netting, so it has much more swing to it now.

I added some detail around the waist and the shoulders to give it a little bit more class.

The quilting is a floral pattern that closely matches the flowers in the silver sari fabric.

We did some work after these shots to shorten the dress and add some trim around the bottom too. I didn’t get a chance to get modeled shots of that before we had to send it off to the show.

And just like last year, we made a bag to go along with the dress. After all, it is the full ensemble division.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! The judging will be the last week of February. We will keep you posted!


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  1. Amy / Feb 11 2011

    That is just a stunning ensemble that you have created. Oh how I wish women actually dressed in such a fashion. I would definitely buy that dress and purse. It’s gorgeous. Well done, you.

  2. Terri / Feb 11 2011

    That is simply breath-taking! What a gorgeous, gorgeous dress! Beautiful work. šŸ™‚

  3. Geri / Feb 11 2011

    Wow, Dani! I’m sure your tasteful frock will win again this year. Congratulations on your new business. I love looking at tall your crafty endeavours.

  4. missbedora / Feb 11 2011

    Stunning! I think you’ll knock their socks off šŸ™‚

  5. Julia in KW / Feb 12 2011

    Wow! That is beautiful and it fits you like a glove! It looks like a dream!

  6. thea / Feb 12 2011

    Holy Shit!

    That is one absolutely gorgeous dress!!! The bag too. It’s absolutely stunning, and I can’t believe it wouldn’t win – good luck to you (and later, you should send it to some famous actress to wear at the Golden Globes – and then send back to you.)

  7. Mom / Feb 13 2011

    So gorgeous!! Love the bag too! Can’t wait to see pics with the huge crinoline. Hate to admit it, but I use to wear crinolines for real LOL! So proud of you and Laura C.

  8. Chris / Feb 21 2011

    Wow! This is just stunning. Looks like another winner to me. Your husband has to take you somewhere special in this number after you win!!! Beautiful.

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