Card Corral

As promised, I have a ton of cards that I have worked on over the last little while that I haven’t had a chance to blog. Rather than blathering on, here they are!

Yeah, that’s how far behind I am. Here is the Christmas card I made this year. I did 70 of them…..gah.

This one was for my niece – it went with the headband that I made for her. She is a tough age – 14.

I really liked how this one came out. This was for my friend Janice. The bird part is actually free from the card. It swings back and forth.

This one goes with the camo wallet for my nephew. I can’t believe he is 12 already.

This one has a different opening style than I usually use.

And with that, I am mostly caught up! Hope you are able to find some inspiration to make your own cards. They are much more personal than a store bought card, and once you get started, they are less expensive too!


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