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My boss and friend Whitney has been looking forward to having another little girl join her family. So when I saw the Ruffles Quilt on the Moda Bake Shop (awesome site by the way, especially if you have a ton of precuts in your stash. Ahem.) I knew that it would make a great baby gift. (As always, click for a larger image)

It’s made using a jelly roll, and while the construction is not too complex, it has these sweet little ruffles.

I used moda Glace for the fabric, because I thought it suited Whitney. More vintage than girly. I did make a lot of changes to the pattern though:

– You don’t need to buy yardage for this quilt as the pattern suggests (other than for the backing). Just pick 5 strips from your jelly roll for the strips under the ruffles, and 10 strips to use as the actual ruffles. I used all one colour for the ruffles (in this case cream).

– You need exactly one yard for the backing, not 1.5 as the pattern suggests.

– You are not likely to get all the pieces out of one strip that it calls for (2 x 10″, 2 x 7″ and 2 x 5″). That adds up to exactly 44″, and there are very few quilting fabrics, especially from moda, that are actually a full 44″ wide when you cut off the selvages. You can solve this one of two ways – make one pair of pieces a little shorter (like the 10″ becoming 8″) or use more strips when you do your cutting, which is what I did.

I did some straight line quilting, as I didn’t want to take away from the ruffles at all. I think it gives a nice linear to the very curly background fabric.

I used 4 strips from the jelly roll to do the binding. I love being able to use the strips this way – I think it gives more interest to the quilt without being overwhelming.

I also had some fun with my little baby stamps when I made the card to go with the gift. I have to say, it is nice to know the gender of the baby when you are making gifts!

And I got everything finished just in time, because the baby’s here! I got a great little text from Whit the other day saying she loved it:

Now if only the quilt was half as cute as it’s recipent! Congrats to you and your family Whitney!


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