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Mar 2 / Dani

Photographic Evidence…

…that I am working away here chez Miller. Today I added a new line to KSC Designs – photo cards! I have been making these for years for my friends and relatives as gifts (both written like a traditional card and packs of blank cards for the recipient to use) so I am really excited to get to share them with you!

There are lots of different styles of cards available, suitable for those who craft and those who don’t.

And each set of 5 comes packaged up ready for writing or giving.

Both my Mom’s loved receiving these a couple of years ago as a Mother’s Day gift. I hope you all will like them too!


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  1. Mom / Mar 3 2011

    They are really great to have on hand for when something unexpected (or forgotten) comes up. You can just adapt the writing inside to suit the occasion. I know that mine have come in really handy, and I love the protography!

  2. missbedora / Mar 3 2011

    Gorgeous! I hope these will be a huge seller. The photos are all totally frame-worthy, wow!

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