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Before Christmas (wha? how was that three month’s ago?) TJ and I found this incredible deal on tile at the HD. Of course we were looking for something completely different, but these things happen at the home improvement store. But seriously, this glass mosaic tile was ~$40 a square foot the year before (according to the guy at the store, so who knows if that is accurate) and it was on as a special deal for $4.99 a square foot. $4.99!! We were pretty sure that it was going to be a perfect match in the kitchen, but our local HD’s didn’t have very much of it in stock. So we bought one sheet to bring home and try, and of course we fell in love with it. So after tons of searching around, we found out we could drive to Greenboro NC (a little over 2 hours) to get enough to do the kitchen backsplash. Roadtrip!

When we were down at the Greensboro store, we decided since we were going to be covering up the wall that we could install under-cabinet LED lighting and wire it to one of the dozen or so switches we have in the kitchen. (As an aside, our builder LOVES outlets and switches. My little kitchen has 10 boxes for a total of 20 places to plug things in. And that doesn’t include the ones in the seating area). So TJ, being the master handyman that he is, cut apart the wall and wired in our awesome lights. Here is the closest thing to a before shot of the kitchen, post light installation, with the lights turned off.

Then the tile work began. And just because it is fun, we thought we would make a time-lapse video of the process. Make sure you turn your sound up. (And you can click the button that looks like 4 arrows in the bottom right hand corner to watch the video in full screen format. Just hit Escape when you are finished.)

Fun, yes? I have rewatched it a couple dozen times and have laughed at the stupidest things – like watching the handle to the kitchen faucet move. I think I need to get out more.

Anyhoo, after all the work we are super stoked with how the kitchen turned out. The red in the tile was exactly the colour of the cabinets, the grey is the same as the countertops, the gold is the same as the walls and the olive green is the perfect accent.

And we even managed to get it done before our guests arrived for Christmas.

That was the last house reno project we did, and I am absolutely itching to start another one. In April we are basically going to be gutting the living room, so I will have lots to show you soon.


  • missbedora

    Very cool! I love the time lapse thing, what did you use to take the pictures, a camera or a laptop or something?

    And the tiles look AMAZING. Great find!!

  • JennW

    LOVE THOSE TILES!! And I’m interested in how you did the time lapse as well.

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  • amanda

    I LOVE IT! I’ve been trying to convince Bill that we need to put up a back splash too. We currently have wonderful granite countertops with the 4″ back splash, but I would love tile above it. Your video is going to be a HUGE help!!

  • Mom

    So funny….love your butt shots (did you even notice your pants were falling down?). I have to say that your job is impressive! Gorgeous! Can you both come here and do the same to my kitchen??

  • Pam!

    Dani that tile really is absolutely perfect for your kitchen. My fave part of the video was the window frame issue & resolution. What a team!

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