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Just Slightly Delayed

So I sent my Mom’s birthday present weeeeks ago. She just emailed me this morning to say she finally recevied it….11 days past her birthday. I am so sorry Mom! I think I could have walked it to Whitby faster. Nonetheless, I am glad that it made it there in one piece. I was starting to have visions of it being completely chewed up when it arrived. I hope it fits!

I made my Mom a short sleeved version of the February Lady Sweater. It’s done in Unplanned Peacock Whirly Worsted in the Blue Spruce colourway.

I hope that it fits alright – it is hard to figure out size when you are trying to make it a surprise!

The buttons are vintage, from one of my many button jars.

The lace pattern is just enough to keep your interest while knitting, but not so difficult as to need the pattern in front of you all the time.

I skipped the eyelet increases around the bottom of the yoke and just worked even. I was pleased with how it turned out (and I got it done before the end of Feb, which means I have stuck with my 12 in 12 sweater challenge so far. Let’s not talk about March, shall we?)

I hope you like it Mom! Happy very special Birthday!! You are the best Mom a person could ask for. Hugs to you!


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