My March sweater (part of my 12 in 12 challenge) is finally done. Two weeks late. Gah. Luckily I have chosen what I think will be a quick knit for April, so there is still a chance of me getting it finished on time.

Meet Ambroisa!

Pattern: Ambrosia by Katya Frankel
Yarn: Berroco Remix, 3 balls
Size: Small
Needles: US 6 and 7

This was a simple knit with enough interest to keep me entertained. What I really loved about this one was the yarn. Remix is a blend of all recycled fibres. It is light and soft – sort of like wearing a thin sweatshirt. It bloomed together really nicely when it was blocked, but I still think it shows off the cables in a soft way.

The only modification I made to this sweater was on the closure. It called for you to use hook and eye tape down the front. I have a shirt that has hook and eye tape, and it is a pain in the butt. It is hard to do up, hard to undo, and it pops open if you bend the wrong way. I figured that since I wasn’t ever going to be wearing this sweater open that I would just mattress stitch the whole thing closed (which I did after I blocked it). So it is technically a pullover now, which I am ok with. If I ever decide to change it I just have to pull out one seam.

I know that I will get a lot of use out of this one, as is evidenced by the fact that as soon as I finished the closure this morning and tried it on, I decided not to take it off. 🙂

Now, onto April’s sweater!


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