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A Favourite Colour Combo

I absolutely love grey and yellow together. I love the huge number of quilts, fabric, yarns and interiors that are using these colours together. I even wear a lot of grey, although I cannot in any way wear yellow (jaundice much?).

A few months back when I was teaching my friend Amanda to quilt, I noticed that she had a grey and yellow pillow on her couch (which I believe was from the wonderful Target). So when it came time to make a wedding gift for her and her fiance, grey and yellow popped back into my mind.

A very simply pieced quilt to highlight the fabrics. The bird fabric (as well as the back) are from Joel Dewberry’s Aviary 2 (purchased from Hawthorne Threads, who have an awesome discount program when you buy in quantity). The grey is my favourite Kona Cotton, Coal.

I wanted this quilt to be reversible so Amanda could display either side if she wanted to.

The quilting is a well used pattern – a grid of circles. It was the pattern that Amanda used on her first quilt, so I thought that was appropriate (thanks Laura for the use of your machine, as always!)

And, it was really fun to make something that my label matched with! The binding is a teeny pin dot in dark charcoal.

I think she liked it, because there were some misty eyes. And this morning I heard that her fiance (who works with my husband) thought it was pretty cool too. That makes me feel good. 🙂

I played around a little bit with the card to go with it after getting some ideas from Capture The Moment.

The envelope is actually a vellum sleeve, and I cut a semi circle out of it with my big circle punch so that the ribbon would sit on the outside of the card.

Inside was a bird, similar to what was on the front of the quilt.

It turned out very subtle, but I like it.

And finally, since I was invited to Amanda’s bridal shower this weekend, I made a little thank you gift for the hostess (since she was kind enough to invite a complete stranger into her home).

Inside the tin are a few different types of tea, all individually packaged. I hope she is a tea drinker!

I wish Amanda and Brandon a happy, long, fun marriage (snuggled up under a quilt!) You are a great team and we couldn’t be happier for you.


  • thea

    The quilt is gorgeous – and the card perfect!

    People must oooh and aaah whenever you give a present with all the creative wrapping ideas you have — and that’s before they open them!! 🙂

  • missbedora

    Wow, those colours are stunning. And yes…they match your label and even your website!!!

    Beautiful card as well. Love the little bow peeking out.

  • Jill

    Hey Dani,

    I love love love this quilt. I like how it’s simple but still really interesting to look at. It’s a great colour combination. And the circles are really cool too. I’m currently finishing a crib quilt for Alex and I used Kona cotton for the back and I really like it too.

  • Amanda B

    Dani, I cannot say thank you enough for this thoughtful gift!! We both love the quilt so much! Brandon has already said he is going to adopt it for his afternoon sleeps when he gets home from working nights! 🙂

  • Ann

    Dani – you are remarkable! This is beautiful. Once again you’ve made such a memorable and thoughtful gift. Amanda, I hope BC will share!! 🙂

  • Mom

    Absolutely beautiful……just like the bride-to-be!! Congrats Amanda and Brandon, may you always be as happy as you are right now.

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