April’s Amiga

My 12 sweaters in 12 months challenge keeps plodding along. I will admit that this month I am starting to feel a little ho-hum about knitting sweaters, which may be because this month I am making Beagle for TJ. I am done the sleeves an have started on the back, but it is obvious that I am behind.

That all being said, I love my April sweater. Love love love it.

This is Amiga, from the newest Knitty, modified slightly. I shortened the sleeves quite a bit, and also lengthened the body. I omitted the button holes because I knew I wanted to use my Jul Silver pedestal buttons (these things are amazing. They are two round pieces of leather with holes in the middle. There is a silver pedestal style screw in the middle of them that lets you put a button on anything knit, whether or not there is a button hole there. Isn’t that awesome? I bought a big set when they came in to the shop).

But my favourite thing about this sweater is the yarn. While I was home visiting my parents I stopped by my old yarn shop, Unwind, to visit Wendy. Wendy carries Americo, and ever since I saw her Roman Holiday I have been daydreaming of using Cotton Flame. I was really surprised that it was more cost effective than I thought it would be. Believe it or not, the yarn for this sweater cost just about $20 (it was $18 a ball, and I used barely over 1 ball). It is soft and airy and wonderful to knit with. It is sort of a slubby yarn, but it is two ply so it is really strong.

I love it so much I called Wendy and ordered another ball to go with the almost full ball I have left. And that is because in June I am going to take a break from sweaters and make two shawls. One will be Roman Holiday (which I am hoping I can do on Laura’s knitting machine) and the other will be a Romney Kerchief out of Shelter. Yup, I caved. Last night I ordered two balls of it in Faded Quilt. The photos, the colours, the patterns, the MARKETING has sucked me in. I have to try this stuff to see if it is worth all the hype. It’s really pricey at $12.50 a ball compared to say, Briggs and Little or Bartlett, both of which I love, so I am hoping that it is significantly different.

But for now I will keep wearing my Amiga and loving it. It’s like wearing a cotton ball.

PS – could there be any more links in this post? Sheesh!


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