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Jul 15 / Dani

Random Friday

One thing I did not anticipate with starting my own business was the amount of custom and commissioned work that I would be doing. I have been working on everything from quilts to crib skirts, interior design work and knitting. So while work continues on those projects, here are a few photographs that I have shot over the last few weeks.

My front porch planters this year have a few of these (cad….cam…help?). I love the two colours – they really pop in the evening light.

Tomatoes! I forgot how good they are straight off the plant. I have been eating a lot of tomato sandwiches and BLT’s.

My very industrious rose, growing up between the planks of the deck. I am not much of a gardener, and I swear this thing thrives on neglect. I really should get out there and deadhead it now though.

And for my grand finale: TaDa!

I happened to flip past “Minute To Win It” the other night, and the challenge was to stack 3 golf balls on top of each other. I had to try it, and it turns out that golf ball stacking is one of my skills. Who knew?

Have a great weekend everyone! It is supposed to be less oppressively hot here for us, and if today is any indication it’s going to be great.


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  1. Mom / Jul 16 2011

    The plants out on the porch are called “Caladium” I think. Not sure about the spelling. I knew you would get more tomatoes!! You might try cutting the rose back before it takes off the front porch….just sayin! I know….. that was supposed to be my job! Totally impressed with the golf balls!

  2. missbedora / Jul 17 2011

    Haha, just add 1 more talent to your loooooong list 🙂

    Gorgeous photos. I especially love the one with the rose! I feel a bit like that rose today actually….

  3. Mom / Jul 17 2011

    What Miss B?…..Beautiful but pushy?

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