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I have a new addiction, along with a lot of other people. Pinterest. If you are not a member yet, basically it is an online bulletin board where you can pin pictures of anything you want. And if you go back to the picture and click on it from one of your boards, it will link you back to the site where you pinned the picture. You can follow other people, and then can follow you, so that you can see what other people are pinning.

This is useful (and dangerous) to me for a few reasons. I love being able to keep track of things that I want to craft or DIY. It is wonderful if you are doing a renovation or want to pin ideas for your house. KSC Designs even has it’s own board that people can follow, which is a bit like keeping favourites on etsy. Where it begins to border on dangerous for me is the fashion side of things. I keep seeing all these amazing outfits that I want to wear. I am trying to use them for inspiration to find combos from my own wardrobe, rather than a reason to shop.

Where it flies fully into dangerous territory for me is the food. Oh my, the food. I just. can’t. stop. pinning. There are some many wonderful recipes and beautiful food. Just the pretty cookies alone could fill up my time! I did however put my pins to good use this weekend when I made these cookies from The Crafty Penguin.

They are a vanilla sugar cookie, and let me tell you they are soooo tasty. And super easy. I mean really easy. 4 year old easy. (ok, maybe not the decorating, but the cookie part for sure). Just like the original tutorial, I decorated mine with sugar pearls and little do-dads of glace icing.

I made these for my weaving guild’s picnic this past weekend, and I decided to leave some un-iced in case someone wanted a little less sweetness. The funny thing was, most of what was left were the stars. I’ll know for next time just to decorate them all.

With all the drooling over things on Pinterest, tonight I am really craving this:

Taken with Instagram

An Edible Vibe lemon bar. Mmmmm, lemon.

Come find me over on Pinterest – if you need an invite let me know in the comments. I think I have a few more I can pass out. You can find me on there as knitty34.

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