Cards, Anyone?

You all know I mean the greeting type of card, but I do love a good game of Hearts with friends, or even Euchre, even though I need to be reminded how to play it every time. And there was even a rowdy game of Hand and Foot (?) at Jenn’s grandma’s once. Great game, but for the life of me I can’t remember how to play it.

However, onto the paper cards. An update, yes?

I have been quite enamoured with this set of stamps ever since I received them as a gift. It just seems to be the perfect set for so many occasions. One of these days I will buy the dies that go with it so that I can cut out more interesting shapes.

This one was a custom card I did for a wedding a friend was attending. The inside had a dog stamp as requested by my customer. I liked the colours in this background paper.

This one was for a co-worker of TJ’s (I knit her a little hat too, I need to show that to you someday).

Another birthday card, I think this one was for my Mom. I need to write these things down!

I had fun with the pin and the button on this one. Crafty?

And finally this little one was for a customer that bought one of my rolls as a gift for someone, and asked if I could throw in a little note to say who it was from.

Here you can see the roll all packaged up and ready to be mailed (this is how I package all of my items, not just the gift ones).

So gentle readers, what is your strategy for cards? Do you buy/make a bunch at once? Do you get them done one at a time? Are you crazy organized and have them in a labeled file folder? (I admire those that can do that – the best I can do is get a month’s worth done at a time).


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