The Windy City

Last weekend I met TJ is Chicago for a bit of a break. TJ spends lots of time there for work, but he is not near downtown. We have both been there before, but we thought we should really check out the downtown area more. So we got a hotel right downtown and didn’t rent a car. Just our feet and the “El” for us.

We started the weekend at The Bean (properly known as “Cloud Gate”) were I snapped tons of pictures on our cloudy morning. (As always, click to embiggen)

We then spent a lot of the weekend checking out the incredible architecture in Chicago. If you are ever there, I recommend the architectural boat tour – just make sure you get the one that does the lake and the river on the same trip. It gives some great angles for seeing things you wouldn’t otherwise get.

We did a bit of walking around right in the city as well. I checked out Loop yarns, but didn’t get anything there. They had a great wall of Cascade 220 though – apparently every colour they make.

I definitely did not want to go all the way to Chicago and not go to a Cubs game, mostly to see Wrigley Field. TJ had been before and said it was quite the atmosphere, and he was right.

It is just crazy around the stadium before the game. But super friendly organized crazy. I loved it. (As an aside: I think Chicago ranks up there for the most friendly cities I have been to. I mean, people were offering us seats on the subway just because we had luggage with us. Honestly. Not a chance that would happen in Toronto. And we saw it happen again and again while we were there. Young guys, some of which looked pretty scary at first glance, offering their seat to women on the train. And not just people that obviously needed a seat (pregnant, elderly, injured, luggage etc). Just regular women, because it was the polite thing to do. Same thing with doors, walking on the packed street, everything was super polite. It was awesome to see and definitely left me with a good impression of the city).

Once inside the stadium, we had a ball (ahem).  Definitely a historic place for baseball.

Do you see those seats way up on the top left of the picture? On top of the building? Those are people’s condos. With seats on the roof. You have access to them when you live in the building.

Isn’t that wild? It’s the ultimate for a baseball fan. How much fun would that be to have people over for the games?

We certainly couldn’t go to the game without a souvenir, so hats it was. We were so lucky to be out of the sun that day, because it was blazing hot.

The last super fun thing we did was go on a segway tour. We have seen these in lots of the cities that we have been to, but have always passed on it for some reason. We definitely won’t be passing on these again, it was amazing! Such a great way to see the city. I seriously want my own segway.

Picture from our segways after having a Chicago style hotdog

It was a great trip, and I certainly am looking forward to going back someday. Definitely would recommend Chicago to anyone (maybe just not through O’Hell O’Hare if you can avoid it).


  • missbedora

    When I was in Chicago I really wanted to do one of those architecture boat tours, but I didn’t get tickets in time and it was sold out. NExt time for SURE, although your photos gave me a lovely taste of it!

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