Question for my sewist readers

I know there are some of you out there that sew, and if you are so willing I need some input.

Working on my rolls is really hard on sewing machine needles. There are a lot of layers to sew through, and the interfacing dulls needles like crazy. I have tried a couple of different brands of needles, but I am not happy with them. What brand of needles have you been using? Any you loved? Any you hated? I am not too concerned about the price if I can find needles that are sharp and durable. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


  • Robin in VA

    Well…I use Schmetz needles but go to the pains of changing as necessary to “jeans” needles for the multiple thicknesses — it’s a pain in the arse but it saves a little on the “regular” needles. Back when I was working with all the heavy weight wools I simply kept the “heavy duty” ones in the machine!
    I HATE Singer needles…so does my machine–don’t ask me how but she knows when I use them.

  • Lynne

    I use Schmetz. And often, if I’m sewing a tote, or my sewing needle cases, I will use a jeans needle or the heaviest one you can find. Good luck…nothing more frustrating than broken needles!

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