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Custom Work – A Gift Completed

For the last few months I have been working hard to complete a lot of custom work for some of my customers. One project in particular I was really excited to work on. A former co-worker of mine had received a hand appliqued Double Wedding Ring quilt top from his Mom as a wedding present back in 1996. Unfortunately his Mom passed away before she had a chance to quilt it. It had been sitting in a drawer ever since.

G approached me and asked for some opinions on what I could do to finish it and make it a useable piece. Something that could be handed down to his kids when they are older. We looked over a lot of different options, and landed on having me do custom machine quilting as well as the traditional hand sewn binding.

Many many MANY hours were spent on this piece, and I am really proud of the result. (as always, click and of the photos to see them in a larger size)

This is a really large queen to king sized quilt, and it is really challenging to photograph! I don’t have a place that is tall enough to hold it up. Here it is on my bed, which shows it off a little better.

It matched by bedroom colours so well, I was tempted to keep it. There were several different borders around the quilt, and I used different quilting patterns to highlight them.

I used a rope border for one, and a simple wave border for the other. The majority of the intricate work was done in the centre section, around the rings.

I still can’t believe G’s Mom actually hand appliqued all that. Certainly not my area of expertise. You can see the quilting in the rings better from the back.

It is a very traditional feather and fan pattern in the centre of the rings and also in the overlap areas.

The back also has a custom embroidered label.

Obviously I took some of the details out to keep my customers privacy intact. Here you can see the quilt as I worked away on the machine.

You can see how much of the 16 foot table it takes up. Laura and I do so many little quilts, that it was neat to see something so large pinned on.

I really enjoyed working on this project. I never like to think of a quilt top sitting in a drawer somewhere, where it cannot be used, viewed and enjoyed. Especially when it is something that was a gift from a loved one.

Do you have any custom work that you would like to have finished? Any quilt tops languishing in a drawer? You can contact me at info (at) kscdesigns (dot) com for a quote on finishing. I love this kind of work!


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