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Aug 17 / Dani


Every once and a while a randoms post is in order. Little things that are worth sharing, but not worth their own post. In no particular order:

1. A couple of weeks ago a new yarn shop opened in Roanoke, called Wyrd Sisters (now carrying KSC Designs!). Cate had a wonderful grand opening with an interpretive dance group, a dance competition, and Kent

who did a fabulous “Madeline Tush” impression. Get it? Madeline Tush? Ahem. If you are laughing, you are definitely a knitter.

2. I have been spending a huge amount of time in front of this girl

which is a pretty good place to be if you ask me. Much better than a desk IMO.

3. I totally forgot to post this pic from our Chicago trip. We were walking down the Magnificent Mile and came across a store that had some vintage sewing machines used a display in the front window. I stopped and looked, and then realized there was an entire WALL of old cabinet sewing machines. Of course I went into the store, only to discover not one,

but TWO walls of antique machines. I almost fell over. You can also see in the left hand corner of that shot that there was a ton of old industrial looms that they were using as display pieces. I have never seen such a store. Not really my style of clothing, but honestly the coolest store I have ever been in. (It was Allsaints Spitalfields, which I gather is a chain out of the UK. And I am sure they are all like this, which shocks me. Makes me sad no one is sewing with them).

4. TJ sent me this pic over text yesterday:

Someone in his office has a sheep glass. But wait – check out the other side:

Want? Yes.

5. I made creme brulee french toast for a brunch I hosted for my friend Amanda the other day. The toast was… I think the idea was there, but my execution was off. I am going to try it another way and see if it comes out better. However, I did get to use my new icing sugar template:

It’s knitting! I had seen them a long time ago in a magazine, and had mentioned them to some of my knitter friends. The are from Iceland, and the shipping to get them here was crazy. Luckily for me I have friends that like to travel to interesting places, and Steph spotted these while on her trip this summer and grabbed them for me (Thanks Steph!) I wish I drank cappuccino or something frothy so I could put chocolate powder on it every day! Maybe on hot chocolate this winter.

So ends the random. Lots of long days lately, but they don’t seem so bad when you are doing what you love. Excuse me while I go crash into bed.

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  1. Mom / Aug 18 2011

    You definitely need one of those glasses….too funny. Don’t you think TJ would appreciate sprinkles on his cappuccino?

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