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Aug 19 / Dani

Quilts, quilts and more quilts

One of my customers gave me a pile of quilts to make or finish up for her about a month ago, which explains why I have been spending so much time standing behind the longarm at Laura’s. All 4 are baby quilts, and I think all of them came out pretty cute!

This one I did the whole quilt. It is a panel with two borders on the sides, and the backing is folded over for a machine stitched binding. It’s flannel, so it is super soft and cozy. I had fun with the quilting on this one, it’s little puzzle pieces.

The next one, my customer did all of the applique (by hand! Patient woman) and I did all the borders, quilting and binding.

Isn’t that just the sweetest pattern? As you can see some of the applique overlaps the borders, so there was some back and forth between us. I love the stripey binding.

This one was for her brand new first grandbaby, I’m so excited for them. He arrived on Wednesday, safe and sound.

This one is an eye spy activity quilt – I made the whole quilt on this one again, which was just putting on borders, quilting and binding.

And the last one my customer made the whole quilt top, and I just did the finishing.

Isn’t that fun? I did some “Gone Bananas” quilting on this one. Monkeys!

I had a great time working on these, but I am definitely ready for a break from hand binding!

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  1. missbedora / Aug 20 2011

    Wow, that machine is so cool! I love the puzzle pieces and the monkeys. that looks like a LOT of work!

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