12 in 12 Update

Lest you think I never knit anymore, I have been plugging away on several different projects. If you remember back in the new year I joined our guild’s 12 in 12 challenge for the year. So far I have kept up not too badly:

January – Owls Sweater
February – February Lady Sweater
March – Ambrosia
April – Amiga
May – Romney Kerchief

Which brings me to June:

I am knitting a Beagle sweater for TJ, and it is sooo close to being done. In fact if I spend a couple of hours on it tonight it should be all laid out blocking before I head to bed. (As an aside – Vintage? Still my very favourite yarn ever.).

I am sure you are thinking….um, isn’t it August? But I am not as far behind as it sounds. For July I knit my MIL a short sleeved cardigan. Unfortunately it is too big, so when I go home in October I am going to have to find a way to shrink it down. I am hoping to do that without frogging the whole thing.

For August, well, I haven’t started August yet. I am going to make this wrap sweater, which it shouldn’t take me too long since it is in bulky yarn. I might also try to squeeze in Bryn Mawr, which TCS is doing as a knit-along, but it is the 24th so the chances of that are slim. I also have a comissioned project that I need to get in gear on, so that will be one of the upcoming months.

What is everyone out there working on? Any languishing projects that you are finishing up?


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  • missbedora

    Man oh man do I love that Owls sweater! That wrap sweater looks really nice too. Bryn mawr- I admit i find it hard to imagine how a knitted skirt would look, but I’m very curious, so I hope you do it!!

    I won’t answer that final question…for me it’s just absurd 🙂

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