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Sep 6 / Dani

A Birthday

It was my friend Jo’s birthday this weekend, and she invited a bunch of us out for a picnic. It gave me a chance to try out a couple of things I have been meaning to try, mostly from Pinterest. A few of us here in the Roanoke area have decided to do our own Pinterest Challenge, whereby we actually make some of the things we have been pinning. What a novel idea!

First up, I decided that I would make these key lime cheesecake bars. I have never made a real baked cheesecake before, and this sort of modified recipe was perfect. No waterbath to contend with, and I am pretty sure there is no way you could make the top crack. Just note though that if you are going to do this, you need to click on the “printable version” as the website is actually missing some ingredients. They are there on the printable version though.

Next I made Jo a Maggie for her interchangeable needles. I know she really likes owls, so I used some cute fabric I had in the stash.

The inside has cute coordinating apples fabric from the same line (Apples by Timeless Treasures I think).

Then, since I have been on a “use it or loose it” kick (you should see the pile of yardsale/goodwill stuff I have going on in the basement) I decided to spray paint a tin that came with a wallet TJ had bought.

A couple of coats with some hammered finish Rustoleum that I had on hand and I had a perfectly sized tin for wrapping up the roll.

I also made an owl themed card, but somehow in all the prep and wrapping I missed taking a picture of it.

So that is a couple of things that I can put on my list as finished for our September Pinterest Challenge. We had a lovely picnic and perfect weather, which is good because it has been raining insanely every moment since. Apparently it is supposed to stop on Thursday…..gak!



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  1. Lynne / Sep 6 2011

    Love the tin idea! And love that you are making the ideas from pinterest!

  2. Mom / Sep 8 2011

    Everything looks great! Happy Birthday Jo!

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