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Sep 9 / Dani

A Colourful Weekend

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to go down to Natasha’s (of Unplanned Peacock Studio fame) and learn a bit about dyeing yarns. We got to do two different styles of dyeing and ended up with two skeins to bring home.

The first style was a bit like tie-dye, in that we tied up the skein however we wanted and then plunked the whole thing in the dye pot with a whack of garnet dye.

The skein itself isn’t too impressive, because you can’t really tell what it would look like knit up, but I love how it looks now that I have wound it into a cake.

I think this is destined to be a shawl of some sort, maybe the ever popular Multnomah.

For the second type of dyeing, we got to try our hand (ahem) at handpainting. I loved this process! I decided to go all out on some bright cheerful colours.

Isn’t that fun? I did big blocks of colour, so we will see what it looks like knit up. This one is destined for socks. I figured I would knit them this winter when I need a little colour infusion.

Thanks Natasha for a great day!


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  1. missbedora / Sep 9 2011

    Wow, please knit them up quick for Part 2 of the post! 🙂

  2. Sally / Sep 10 2011

    I’m with her! These are such fun! And, it was so good to see Whitney, the shop and YOU today! I have missed that place so very much, and to see you both in there was great! glad to hear things are keeping you busy — have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Mom / Sep 10 2011

    Oh Oh Oh!!! Love, love those colours, need to see what you did with them!!!!

  4. Courtney / Sep 11 2011

    Awesome, Dani!!!!

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