Summer’s Done

Well, at least my summer month 12 in 12 challenge sweaters are!

August Sweater: Wrapped Sweater by Pilland (originally seen on Pinterest)
Yarn: Cascade 128
Needles: US 10.5

This was a really quick, very simple sweater project. The pattern has been translated from Italian into English, and while it is a little rough in places, it is pretty simple to follow (as an aside – could I have figured out this sweater without the pattern? Sure. But I never would have *thought* of this sweater on my own, so I believe in paying the designer for their pattern/design. She is the one who thought of it originally!)

The back has two simple seams to keep everything together. Easy peasy! I will definitely get some wear out of this, even if it is a little unusual. I will tell you, it feels like a great big hug! I am not sure what tops I will wear it over quite yet, but I am going to try it with a bunch of things.

And with that I am almost caught up! Anyone else doing 12 in 12 or a similar challenge this year? I have seen that there is a similar challenge for quilters. 12 quilts in 12 months. I think I might do that next year. Ahem.


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