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Sep 24 / Dani

A “Pill Box” Bag

My friend Stephanie approached me a couple of weeks back with an interesting project. She is currently making the Bee Keepers Quilt, for which there is a video made by the artist, showing you a bit about the construction. Part way through the video, there is this neat little bag. Here are a couple of terrible screenshots from the video:

Basically it is a round bag with a drawstring segment to it. Apparently a lot of people were asking her where she got it, but it was from a second hand store and was vintage. So Steph asked me if I could make a version of it for her. It wasn’t easy, but tada!

The outside is a really neat upholstery fabric that Steph chose from Joanns. It had a large pattern repeat to it, so I lined it up on both the top/front of the bag as well as the bottom/back. ETA: The top is about 10″ in diameter and it’s about 5″ deep.

The inside has a fabulous coordinating cotton that Steph picked, again from Joanns, which is a great contrast to the outside fabric.

Steph requested that the top half have a pocket on it with a magnetic snap. I added this custom button to give the inside a little more detail.

The main part of the bag has a drawstring section on it, which allows for secure storage even when you open the top of the bag.

And it is nice and large for easy access. The whole bag in general is larger than the one in the video, to allow for holding more projects and little bags within. I think Steph was pleased with how it came out, and so was I!


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  1. JennW / Sep 24 2011

    This is magnificent! Can you post the bag’s dimensions or do you have a photo with another object to show scale?

    • Dani / Sep 24 2011

      Thanks Jenn! I just edited my post, but it is about 10″ around and 5″ deep.

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  2. missbedora / Sep 24 2011

    Gorgeous! I love the contrast of the 2 fabrics.

  3. Mom / Sep 25 2011

    So cute, love it!

  4. Becky / Sep 25 2011

    I saw it as it was finished and it was very cute!

  5. Lynne / Oct 15 2011

    That is adorable! Well done!

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