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Sep 28 / Dani

Sweet Little Lace Knitting Bags

My friend Becky approached me about making some drawstring bags for her, with a special twist.

She wanted to use them for her lace knitting, and she didn’t like that her needles were getting caught up in her projects when they were all in a bag. Her suggestion? Grommets! Each bag has two grommets at the top that you can stick your needle through, so they are on the outside of the bag! (For circulars, of course). Then the needles won’t get all caught up in your lace! (Or any project for that matter)

I made two different bags:

Light and…


These sweet little bags are going to be available in my shop in about a month or so. I have some crazy craft show prep coming up over the next few weeks, and as soon as that is over with I am going to be listing all kinds of new things. I hope you like them!


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  1. Mom / Sep 28 2011

    So cool! Not a knitter but that could totally work for crochet! Just one less grommet!

  2. Becky / Sep 28 2011

    They’re fabulous, Dani! My favorite bags ever! I love them so much and am carrying one now with my Featherweight Cardigan tucked safely inside. Have a safe trip home and have fun.

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