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Thank you to all of you that were able to stop by this weekend to the show – you definitely know how to make a girl feel good! And thank you to all those that sent along messages of encouragement. Where would I be without you guys?

With the show this weekend I launched a few new things, some of which are now up in the etsy shop. The first thing is my new tote bags:

The first one of these I made was for missbedora, as she said she couldn’t stand to carry around her lunch in a reusable grocery bag anymore. They are heavily lined so they keep their shape really well, and I use the same quilting cottons that I use in my rolls.

Each one has a removable divider so you can keep things like your shoes and your purse items separate.

The soft side of the velcro is on the bag part, so it will not catch anything (like your knitting!) when the divider is taken out. The straps are a heavy cotton webbing so they will not stretch or fall off your shoulder. And they are actually long enough to go over your coat! You can find them here in the shop.

The next new thing is box bags – and lots of them!

I have two different sizes, both lined with a coordinating cotton fabric on the inside.

They are heavily interfaced so they will keep their shape well even with larger things in them.

Each end has a ribbon to make it easy to open and close the zipper. The bags above are the larger size, and this is the smaller one:

Perfect for your little notions that have been floating around in the bottom of your knitting bag. You can find them here in the shop.

I have to tell you, Sunday after the show was rough! I think the last month finally caught up to me and I was totally exhausted. I am starting to catch back up now though, starting with my house. Oh my poor house. It is in rough shape! I am so thankful for TJ who has been helping to hold things together, but today I really need to go through and do a massive clean. Which strangely, I am kinda looking forward to.

What are you all up to today? Working? Cleaning? Sewing? I’d love to hear what is keeping you busy


  • Mom

    Can you come and clean my hovel??!! Didn’t think so! Love the patterns and colours on the various bags etc. I know…I’m behind on my stalking LOL!

  • Lynne

    Love the tote bags, Dani. Such a great idea to but that removable divider in it! And your box bags are cute as can be.
    Today? catching up on blog reading…on November 8th, I’m not sure what I was doing!

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