A First For Me

I have knit many things over the 7.5 years I have been knitting, but one thing I had never done was a skirt. So when Whitney said we should do a knit along of the Bryn Mawr skirt, I thought, why not?

The skirt was supposed to be finished in the first part of October, but since I was in Canada at the time, and then in Germany, I knew I was going to be very late. And now it has been done for a long time, and sitting longingly on the chair in my bedroom, waiting to be photographed. Success!

Pattern: Bryn Mawr Skirt
Yarn: Cascade 128
Needles: US 9 and 10

I am pleasantly surprised at how it turned out! I really didn’t think I would like it much, but it’s kinda cute. I am going to wear it out for lunch on Friday to see how it wears. Hopefully it doesn’t sag too much in the bum or anything.

This was my October project for my 12 in 12 challenge (nice that I am posting all the info on the last day of November). November has ended up being 1.5 pairs of socks and three baby hats. I am hoping to finish the second sock soon, and then for December I really would like to knit Shapely Boyfriend.

Has anyone else been doing a full year project or challenge? How is it going? Are you like me and having a hard time finishing? Especially with the craziness that is holiday prep. Sheesh.


  • Mom

    Very pretty….from a non skirt person! Love the cables though. Let me know how it does at lunch. Still really jealous of the backdrop….we had snow today!

  • Geri

    Cute skirt! Give us an update about how it holds up at lunch. A few of us participated in my LYS’ “Pull Up Your Socks” challenge this year. Our task was to knit (or finish) one sock per month. I was falling behind a bit in the summer but made up for it and surpassed my goal when I knit 5 socks in a 20-day span of time last month. Last year I participated in the “10 Shawls in 2010” challenge.

    BTW, it snowed here in Whitby, ON today. I can’t complain as our weather in November was stupendous!

  • Val

    I have to admit I hadn’t considered knitting a skirt until I saw this, not I want one! I just love how you’ve styled it! Perfect length for boots and the grey should go with just about everything!

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