12 in 12 Wrap Up

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Well, in the end I fell a little short of my goal. I am pretty happy with what I did manage to accomplish though. Click on any month label to see the detailed post.





May – my first cheat – not quite a sweater this month


July – I did a cardi for my MIL this month, but it is way too big. I still need to fix it for her (i.e. reknit it!)


September – I did a custom sweater for a friend of mine, but no pictures are available yet. Soon I hope!


November and December saw me knit 2 pairs of socks and 4 baby hats. Yup. That would be where it all went to pieces. I had good intentions of catching up and knitting the Shapely Boyfriend sweater over Christmas, but I think my brain just crashed after all the lead up to the holidays.

Luckily though today has brought me a pattern that has me feeling passionate about knitting again! Did you see Fuse from Wool People 2? Oh my. I love it! I am trying to decide if I want to spend some birthday money on some Shelter to knit it out of. Since I did my kerchief, I have been thinking about ordering a sweaters worth. This might just be the pattern that pushes me over the edge! I love that feeling when you see a pattern and think “I must cast on THIS INSTANT”. Has anyone else had a pattern that has spoken to them? Knitting or otherwise?

PS – I am test running a new theme on the blog. What do you think?



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