A Warm Respite

Last week TJ and I were lucky enough to go head down to Florida to stay with my MIL, who has rented a condo for the month of January. B lives in Ontario, and as anyone from there knows, Ontario in January is usually pretty rough. So it is not uncommon for retired folks in the area to head to Florida for the winter (they are affectionately called Snowbirds). I was very happy to become a snowbird and head down for a week of sun and time spent with T and B. While we were waiting for our flight, and during the flight itself, I got started on a new pair of socks. This is how long the flight from Roanoke to St. Pete’s is in sock knitting:

Once we arrived, we took the islands free trolley out for supper, but not before enjoying the sunset.

We tried to do as many things as possible while there, while still getting a chance to relax and soak up the sun. The second day went to a Tampa Bay Lightening Game….

…where I of course knitted while watching the warm up (I put it away once the game starts – don’t want to miss anything!). Third day was outlet shopping (c’mon, it’s Florida, you gotta outlet shop) which was fine because it rained for a good portion of the day. We checked out the Dali museum in Tampa, which I would definitely suggest seeing, even if you are not a big Dali fan. It wasn’t in our original plans, but we decided on Friday to go to Disney for the day. T and B used to go all the time when he was a kid, but I had only been once with T before, and never to the Magic Kingdom.

It was wonderful! We had the best day of weather on the whole trip, did basically every ride (that was open anyway), watched the fireworks and parades. The whole shebang. 9am-9pm+. I even have a war wound to prove I was there (a woman ran up the back of my ankle with her stroller not once, but twice, and left me bleeding and bruised. Barely said sorry as she whipped right on by. Thankfully the nurses at the first aid centre are super nice and have a good sense of humour about the “stroller tanks”). But other than that little distraction it was the perfect day. I totally recommend going in mid January if you can – there were no crowds at all!

We did have a few beach days, while being careful with the sun. The sunsets were amazing. That is one of the things I love about staying on the Gulf side.

I even started a new cross stitch while I was there (another Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery design. I changed up the colours though).

I am quite a bit further along on that now, and I am done the first sock and have started the second. It was a great week to do some crafting for me! Most of all though, I was so happy to spend some time with these crazy kids.

I just wish the rest of my family could have been there too!

Anyone else been on vacation lately? Anywhere warm and sunny? Cold and snowy?


  • Geri

    I’m glad you had some fun in the sun. The winter here in Whitby has been amazingly mild, as you’ve probably heard. On Friday, my husband and I are driving to Laredo, TX for a birding festival and then to South Padre Island for the rest of February. It is pretty deserted there in February as well. There, we’re called Winter Texans. I’m hoping the worst of winter will be over when we get home in early March.

  • Mom

    So glad all of you had so much fun. Really wish we could have joined you. B….love the tan, you’re not missing anything up here LOL!

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