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Princess De Revisited

About this time last year, a friend of mine contacted me about making a sweater for her. She had seen my very old Princess De sweater hanging in my studio, and asked if I could recreate it for her to match her measurements. She said she wasn’t in a rush and wouldn’t need it until the fall (which I later found out was because they were welcoming a family member, which is still possibly the best news I recevied in 2011!). So in late September when I was home visiting my family, I brought her sweater to her. She had a chance over the weekend to take some pictures and send them along for me to share.

For my LOOOONG time readers you will recognize that it is the same colour that I did my Princess De in. This one is done in Cascade 220, still one of my favourite yarns. Thankfully this time when I knit it I was much more experienced, and I fixed the design issues that the first one had.

The body has intertwining cables that run down the front of the sweater, through an empire waist ribbing section, and onto the bodice. The sleeves have the same style of winding cable as well. A short row style shoulder ends in more ribbing.

I think Moni looks fabulous in it (this does not look like the body of a woman who had a baby a few short months ago). I hope that it keeps her warm and cozy for years to come!

Thank you Jay and Moni for sending along the pictures, much appreciated!

(A few people have in the past asked if this is a pattern that I am going to write up – what I realized when knitting it for what was actually the third time, is that it just doesn’t lend itself to a well written, easy to follow pattern. And I do not have the writing skill needed to make it workable. So for now, it will just stay as photos! Thank you all for your interest though, it makes a girl feel good).


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