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This week has been one of those weeks where stuff just. gets. done. It has felt so good after what seems like months of being somewhat off kilter.

One thing I have been meaning to do for a while is make a case for all of my scissors. I have a class this weekend and I wanted to have a way to take my scissors with me and make sure that they were not banging together in a box or a bag.

So, I whipped out a long stashed sewing machine themed fabric, pulled a neat scrap out of my neutrals box (I think this was from a guild swap and might have come from Lindsay? Thanks L!) and used some 1001 Peeps as an accent colour.

The outside looks like a typical roll, except with all the scissors loaded it is sturdy and thick. Inside it has lots of different sized pockets.

I suppose I should say this is for my “sharps” rather than for my scissors. I have my rotary cutter, thread nippers, and seam ripper in there too. The roll fits inside the giant box bag that I made to hold my other class supplies, such as the power foot for my machine, pencils, turning tools, small rulers, etc.

I am really excited for this class, it is one that I have wanted to take forever. Carolyn at Old Trinity has taught her double wedding ring quilt class a few times over the last few years, but I have never been able to fit it into my schedule. But this weekend it is! I am using all kinds of scraps (I have boxes upon boxes of them) and I am either going to use Kona White or Coal as the background. I am leaning towards Coal at the moment, but we shall see.

What are you all up to this weekend? Any classes? Any knitting? Sewing?

PS – I restocked the shop with small box bags yesterday. There are toasters involved!

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