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Feb 8 / Dani

6 Quilts in 12 Months

Ok, so I said at the start of the year that I wanted to make 6 quilts this year. Here it is the first week of Feb and I have nothing to show for my goal. But I definitely have a lot floating around in my head. So I am going to put down my thoughts so that I have somewhere to reference.

1. Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I started this quilt on the weekend in my class, and I am loving how it is coming out so far. I know it looks like a black background but it is actually Kona Coal (dark charcoal grey). This is one that I would definitely like to have finished this year. It is going to be twin size so that it will fit on the pull out bed upstairs.

2. Swoon

Yup, I am getting sucked into the Swoon storm. I just ordered a bunch of vintage sheet fat quarters from JeniB, and I think I will do my Swoon out of these.

3. Living Room Quilt

I have this idea for a quilt for my living room based on a pattern I saw in the road one day. I know it sounds nuts, but I think it will work. I’d like to actually have this one done pretty soon, because it is one of the few things I need to do in order to finish the living room project.

4. Houndstooth

I really love this pattern, and although I have been told the piecing is pretty boring, I still want to do it. It seems like depending on the fabric that you pick that it would be a quilt that could go in almost any room.

5. Paintbox

Oh, how this quilt has hung around in my brain. I even started cutting it out a long time ago. So this one will be a monster to finish. But it will get done.

6. I’ll leave this one open

I have a few other quilts pinned or floating around my brain, and who knows what great pattern I will see this year. So this spot gets to be open.

Anyone else have quilt overload on the brain?


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  1. Geri / Feb 8 2012

    Ooooo! That houndstooth quilt is so cute! And it would be a perfect project for someone like me just getting back into sewing and strip and piece quilting.

  2. Mom / Feb 8 2012

    Good luck. You know how much I detest anything involving a needle and thread but I totally give you great kudos! All your quilts are a work of art.

  3. Amanda Campbell / Feb 8 2012

    Oh I love that houndstooth one! I need to make another quilt- definitely need a refresher course from my fav teacher 😉

    • Dani / Feb 8 2012

      Any time! Let’s work on our houndstooth quilts together. It will make me get it done!

  4. Lindsay Széchényi / Feb 8 2012

    I am obsessed with your double wedding ring. I want to make one.

    • Dani / Feb 8 2012

      I’ll show you how!

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