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Rolled Up

Before last weekend’s quilting class, I decided it was finally time to make myself a scissor roll. I have been carrying around my sewing class supplies in this box bag that I made a while back as a demo for a class I was teaching.

While it worked great, I was worried about my scissors either banging around inside the bag or poking through the side. So I decided to make a little roll to keep them (and me) safe.

The outside fabric is the same as the box bag, and folded up it actually fits right in the bag as well.

Unfolded it has lots of pockets for all my sharp stuff. Rotary cutters, snippers, scissors, seam ripper etc. It worked really well to keep everything in one place, and actually helped me to keep things sorted on my table in the class too. I felt a bit like a chef with a knife roll! Except, you know, less tasty. 🙂

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