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Finish already.

Sigh. I am having one of those weeks when I am overwhelmed by the number of projects that I have on the go that seem to be going nowhere. I want everything to be finished RIGHT. NOW. So, the first thing is to make a list, right? Right? Somewhere else out there has to be as list obsessed as I am (btw – 2Do for the iPhone? The one app I could not live without. Best money ever spent).


I went downstairs yesterday and got all of the pieces cut out for my DWR quilt. All 696 wedges and 140 corner squares. Yes, 836 pieces. Not exaggerating.

This afternoon I worked on sewing them together in pairs, which is taking a very long time. I am going to try to work on this for an hour or so a day, just to keep it moving.

I also have all the fabric on order for my living room quilt. This is going to be a very quick quilt top to put together, so I am hoping to knock it out pretty much as soon as the fabric comes.

Cross Stitch:

My dessert of the month for February is done! This is really going to be a cute sampler.

My sewing machine pattern though has not been touched since Florida. I am going to try to do a bit of that each night on the couch while TJ and I chat.


I am taking a class next weekend, and I need to measure out a 7.5 yard warp with almost 400 ends. That has to happen in the week coming up or I can’t do the class. I picked up a loaner loom yesterday, so I will get started on that this weekend.

I also have a scarf swap coming up that I need to get started on. I have picked my pattern, so now I need to do the planning and measuring and what not.


I am almost done the back of my Mint Julep. It is going pretty quickly when I do sit down and work on it because I am doing it in Eco Wool. I am hoping to get that well on it’s way to being finished by the end of the month.

I also (as always) have a pair of socks in progress. One of the pair is done and the other is halfway through the foot.

I did a huge knitting stash clean out and organization yesterday, and I have realized that a lot of my stash needs to go on to better homes. I am not knitting as much as I used to, because of my other ongoing crafts, so I want this stuff to go on to someone that will use it! I have some stuff up for sale on Rav if you are interested. Everything on the left hand column is for sale, plus more that I have moved over since I took this pic.

It is nice to get things organized, but I hope the frustrated feeling passes soon. One of the main things I need to do is craft instead of spending so much time with the computer on my lap. I am so bad for that!

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