Tartan Weaving

This weekend was a much anticipated one for me, as I finally got to take a tartan weaving course. The whole reason that I wanted to learn how to weave is so that I could weave tartans. And, just a mere 6 or 7 years later, I finally took a course!

The course was hosted by a guild in Purceville VA, and we met at one member’s new work space, the Barefoot Weavers Studio. There were 14 people in the class, and the style was round robin. This meant that we got to weave 14 different tartans (and try to get used to 14 different looms!).

My maternal Grandpa was a Cameron, so that is of course the tartan that I warped on my loom. (Actually, not my loom, but the loom of my kind friend Beth who saved me from having to use a table loom! Thanks Beth!)

All ready for class

We started the day at our own loom, weaving our own tartan. I was so stoked to see the pattern start to appear on the loom.

We used Jaggerspun 2/18 Superfine Merino (my colours were Emerald Green, Chrome Yellow and Garnet Red). This was my first time using a temple (the red thing up there – it keeps the weaving spread to the full width at the reed. Helps to keep your edges looking good).

Once I was finished with my little sample, I moved around the room doing 13 other tartans over 3 days. Here are a few of the others I worked on.

I had a little more warp to play with when I got home, so I made a couple more samples.

I can’t wait to make myself a full sized project. I think I am going to make a stole, maybe out of wool/silk. Mmmmm, silk.

This weekend has really made me want to do more family research. Not a lot of history is known in my family – maybe I should be the one to start it?

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