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Working Through It

I’ve made more progress on my list of ongoing things that were causing me to feel overwhelmed, so I felt the need to do an update to keep myself on track.


DWR – I have the pieces sewn together in pairs, now I need to put those pairs together to make curves of 6 pieces each. I plan on working on this at my Sew-In for the Modern Quilt Guild on March 3rd.

I also have the plans drawn up for a quilt for my living room, and all of the fabric in house. I don’t think this one will take long, so I am going to work on this next week. I would like to get it finished before I host part of a progressive dinner at my house on March 10th.

Cross Stitch:

I finished my sewing machine cross stitch!

I framed it and used some fabric from my stash as a matte. I cut strips to fit each side, and then folded them in half, using some spray starch. Then I attached them to the actual cross stitch with some double sided tape.

I did this last year for an interior design client and liked how it looked, so I thought I would try it for this too. I am pleased with how it came out. I even got it hung up!

That leaves me with just the Dessert of the Month, which I am looking forward to seeing on March 1st.


You saw yesterday that I did get my warp done and on the loom. What I didn’t tell you is that I actually wove a scarf off that warp too! I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, so I thought I would wait to tell you so that I could hide it in a deep dark corner never to see the light of day again if it was terrible. It actually turned out ok! I will take some pics this weekend and post them next week.

As for the scarf exchange, I have picked my pattern finally. I need to measure my warp first thing next week and get it on the loom. It is due March 11th.


Mint Julep is coming right along. I had lots of time in the evenings after class this past weekend to work on it. The back and both fronts are done, and I am just about done one sleeve. A friend of mine is coming over to knit this afternoon so hopefully I can get started on the second sleeve.

I finished the socks I was working on, and have started a little test knit. I need different needles for that though, so we will see how far I get.

Thanks everyone for helping me really pair down the stash. I feel a lot better about what is down there now. I have a goal in mind for the end of this year as to how much yarn I will have in the stash. I am hoping to stick to it, but no stress if I don’t. Mainly I want to shop the stash first before I buy anything new. The same should be said for fabric, but I am not very good at that.

This weekend I am going to Ikea for some more storage pieces, so I will show you what I have done to update the organization in my studio sometime next week.


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