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Mar 5 / Dani

Love It When That Happens

I love when you finish a knit project, and when you put it on you know it is going to be a go to piece

Pattern: Mint Julep by Baby Cocktails
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool, Col 8025
Needles: US 9
Buttons: Jul Silver

I only made a couple of small modifications to this pattern. One (as always) was to lengthen the arms by 2″. That is pretty standard for anything that I knit or sew. Patterns just are not written for someone who is 5’9″ and has arms that belong on someone even taller. The other mod is that I did not knit buttonholes. I knew I wanted to use my Jul Silver Pedestal Buttons for this one. The are basically a screw on button that you can put anywhere you want. Which is great, because if you want the sweater open, no holes. If you want a couple of buttons at the bust, done. If you want the entire sweater buttoned up, Bob’s your uncle.

The back of the sweater has very pretty ribbing that gives a nice lengthening effect. Right above the waist there is a set of cables, which gives a great shape to the back.

It has been so hard to take pictures lately. Dark and WINDY! Roanoke is crazy for wind all spring, and since I am on a mountain and lot with no trees, we get a ton.

I didn’t think it was possible, but this sweater is making me love Eco Wool even more. Warm, lofty, and just the right amount of texture. And so inexpensive! This is the same lot that I used to make my Owls sweater (and I still have almost a full ball left). The stuff just goes forever.

Thanks Thea for another great pattern!


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  1. Robin in VA / Mar 5 2012

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. carol ascher / Mar 5 2012

    Beautiful sweater!

  3. Missbedora / Mar 5 2012

    Wow , gorgeous!! Those buttons are so cool i love it with 3 at the chest. And those cables are so flattering!! Very neat ribbing detail at the bottom. Love it!! Makese want to knit….

  4. Lynne / Mar 6 2012

    Great sweater, Dani! Perfect fit!

  5. Pat Tracy / Mar 7 2012

    Looks wonderful on you, talented lady!!!

  6. Sheri / Mar 8 2012

    You wear this sweater so well! It’s just beautiful. Makes me want one right now!

  7. Mom / Mar 8 2012

    Love it!! Also super jealous that you are outside (wind aside) without a winter coat!

  8. Mommy en France / May 21 2012

    Just browsing around your blog after entering the giveaway. What a lovely sweater! I am a novice knitter and haven’t yet dared attempt an adult size sweater yet.

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