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Mar 13 / Dani


I went on a bit of a knitting spree a couple of weeks ago, and I needed something simple to knit while we traveled to Charlotte for the weekend. I had this great cashmere blend in the stash that I knew needed to be around my neck. I didn’t have a lot of yarn though, so I picked out a cowl pattern.

Pattern: Thermis
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Tweedy Cashmere
Needles: US 7

My gauge was a little bigger than the pattern called for, so I got somewhere between the small and large size. It was a simple, well written pattern that was perfect for a car ride.

It’s too bad this yarn is discontinued. It is really soft, but not pilly at all (at least not yet) and it was easy to work with. There is a small seam on the inside where the button band is, and the yarn didn’t pull apart or fray. I am guessing it was probably discontinued due to price. I think the little 50g ball had an $11 tag on it. I bought it from a friend, so it was much more cost effective.

Another scarf/cowl/neck item to add to the ever growing pile. I have been using a sweater cubby like this one to hold them all, and I am starting to outgrow it. I think I have a problem.


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  1. Mk / Mar 13 2012

    It’s beautiful!!

  2. Lynne / Mar 13 2012

    Thst is such a cute cowl…I think its my favorite of all I have seen out there!

  3. Amanda Campbell / Mar 13 2012

    That’s super cute!!

  4. Julie / Mar 14 2012

    It looks really pretty!! love the texture.

  5. missbedora / Mar 19 2012

    You’re a scarf person and a knitter, you HAVE to have a ton of scarves, it makes perfect sense!! Love this cowl, looks super cute.

  6. Lynne / Mar 29 2012

    Okay, I gave you a mention on my blog for one of those silly awards….

  7. Robin in VA / Apr 15 2012

    Oooops….I’ve “awarded” you too!!

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