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Apr 23 / Dani


Hey everyone – sorry for the radio silence. Things have been super busy, which I always prefer. But it makes for a bad blogger. However, I was tagged by two people for blogger awards (thanks Robin and Lynne! )

For both awards (the Libster Blog and the Versitle Blogger) I am supposed to tell you some things you might not know about me. So here we go!

1. I love to go fast in cars. Ok, anyone who knows me personally definitely already knows this. Just this past weekend I was in SC at a performance driving school. And I may have beat my hubby on the timed laps. As my friend Jason said, “Hmmm ~7B people in the world and you’re likely the only one who creates knitting rolls one day and burns the wheels off a BMW with your hubby the next. :)”.

2. I am very self conscious about the amount that I talk. Have always been, likely will always be. I think it is from years of being told I talked to much as a kid/teen.

3. I used to play lacrosse on a University (and high school) level. With the Queen’s University team we won the provincial championship twice. I was faaaar from a star player, but I did enjoy it a lot for the five years I played. (I also played field hockey for a couple of years)

4. I am making big plans for the year I turn 34 (next year). 34 was my Dad’s number in high school as well as mine throughout my sports career.  So I figure I am going to do a bunch of stuff I have always talked about doing but have put off.

5. I have a double major degree in Biology and Chemistry. And even though I don’t specifically use it every day (I did work in pharma for a while) it is the best decision I ever made. I loved what I learned (most of the time) and finishing university has given me many opportunities that would have been harder to come by without that piece of paper. I think about going back some day, but this time for a textile degree. (Opposite ends of the spectrum much?)

I won’t specifically tag people, because I don’t want anyone to feel that they have to participate, but here are some of my favourite blogs (tried to pick blogs that, like me, don’t have 3 million people reading them a day):

Jackie – Jackie is a seriously talented artist. I love reading her blog when she posts about her artist in residence events and when she works on her vessels.

Jen – I love her writing style, her kids are adorable, she is a great artist and really active in her community (I met Jen back when I lived in TO)

Lindsay – Ok, Lindsay probably has 3 million hits a day, but she has a fabulous blog (and she is a fabulous person!) so I don’t want to miss passing her blog along to anyone that doesn’t read it already. Great photography and honest writing. And pretty crafting!

Thanks again to Robin and Lynne for the tag! (Check out both of their blogs if you haven’t already – I have been reading Lynne’s blog since 2004!)


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  1. lawheezer / Apr 24 2012

    Well, that’s why you have a blog, so you can “talk” as much as you like and we all don’t mind!

  2. jackie / May 17 2012

    Well thanks for the call out! I think that you are a very talented artist too! I have to admit that since I have become so busy in the past couple of years, my blog reading ( and writing) time has been limited, but yours is one of the few that I still visit!

    And five things about me that few know….
    1-I once came in third in a fabric-less bikini contest.
    2-Third prize was a gift certificate to the restaurant/bar where the contest was held.
    3-When I cashed in the gift certificate, I had the chicken.
    4-And I got a bad case of food poisoning.
    5-I have never entered another bikini contest.

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