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May 21 / Dani

Giveaway Day!

Thank you everyone for participating in my giveaway! We had 231 entries which made me feel so good. told me that the winner was comment #69, which is Sasha from Bath, UK! Sasha said:

“I think i’d use it to keep my Mama cloth in, in-between uses. I think the bag is really pretty so I wouldn’t feel embarrassed leaving it out in a bathroom!”

I will be sending you an email with all the details today Sasha! If you didn’t win but would still like a bag (you guys came up with some seriously good ideas on things to store in them – I think I will make a little list just for fun) you can check them out in my box bag section here. I will be adding more small ones early next week. Thanks again everyone for entering and to Sew Mama Sew! for organizing such a fun event!

Today is May 21st, which means it is the Sew Mama Sew! Giveaway day!

This is the first time that I have participated, so I am super excited! Today I am giving away a custom made box bag with the fabrics of your choosing!

This is just an example of my box bags, but you can check out my current fabrics to see what you will be able to pick from here. All you need to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on today’s post. Just tell me where are commenting from and what you might put in the bag if you win! I am happy to ship internationally, so everyone can enter. The giveaway will be open until May 25th, so keep those entries coming. And you can check out other giveaways on the Sew Mama Sew! blog as well.

If you have not stopped by my blog before, my name is Dani and this is the space where I share all of my crafty goings on. I love to sew, knit, weave, quilt and do bits of interior design. I am also the owner of KSC Designs where I make handmade organizational pieces. I hope that you will continue to stop by now and again! I have lots of links up top to show you what I have been working on.

Enjoy Giveaway Day everyone!


  1. Shana Putnam / May 21 2012

    I need this for my makeup.

  2. Divya / May 21 2012

    I am Commenting from Chennai, India and this would be great as a cosmetics bag…Thanks

  3. Anne Rita / May 21 2012

    I’m commenting from Norway. I would stuff my embroidery thread in it, Vintage notion fabric would be just perfesct! Great giveaway, thanks.

  4. Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) / May 21 2012

    I’m in Melbourne, Australia and I think that bag would be great for holding my small sewing projects which need finishing off by hand. 🙂

  5. Maaju / May 21 2012

    Oh if I were to win, I’d tote my current project around in the bag. I’ve given all the project bags I’ve made away. I love the Knitmare on elmstreet fabric 😀 it made me chuckle. I’m commenting from Oulu, Finland 🙂

  6. Mhairi / May 21 2012

    I would let my children have it for storing their little things on when traveling. Like pencils, toys or other small things that they “need” to bring. And I only say this because if I win, I might get to open the parcel but after that the bag would disappear (like everything else) into the abyss that is their bedroom. And I love the Sheep fabric.

  7. Danielle / May 22 2012

    I’m from Mississippi. What an awesome bag; I’d love it in the Peacock Lane Wallpaper fabric. I would either use at for my knitting projects or for traveling. Probably both ;). Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. trillium / May 22 2012

    I’d use it for my cosmetics, brushes, etc. It is a beautiful color.

    trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

  9. Laura / May 22 2012

    I’m commenting from Barcelona, Spain, and I would put my babies’ diapers on the pouch (the clean ones, of course).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Anita / May 22 2012

    That would be an adorable bag for my makeup! I’m visiting from NY, thanks for a chance to win.

  11. Karen / May 22 2012

    I would most likely use the bag for carrying around my small knitting on the go project, which is always a sock.

  12. njeri / May 22 2012

    I am writing from Nairobi-Kenya.
    I love having pouches in my bag to keep my keys, phone and lip gloss.

  13. Heather / May 22 2012

    Hi, Dani. What a great bag! I would like to use it for toiletries when traveling, but it might be too pretty for that. Thank you for generously offering this. I am desperately in need of organizing my home, so I will have to stop back by and check out your shop.
    (hrmaris at yahoo dot com)

  14. Dresden Quilter / May 22 2012

    I am from Canada and I would love to keep some sewing supplies in the box bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Annie / May 22 2012

    I’m commenting from MA and would love to use this for my exploding ziploc bag of makeup.

  16. Trish / May 22 2012

    I’m from Alberta, Canada. I’d use the pouch for sewing supplies.

  17. Kathleen / May 22 2012

    I am commenting from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! This would be my “everything else” bag. Everything I need to tote along that doesn’t fit in my wallet would go in there – keys, comb, chapstick, gum, etc. We hike/camp a lot during the summer, so I don’t carry a purse. I put all my little necesities into a bag I can transfer from pool tote to backpack to tote bag as needed.

  18. Angela Stevens / May 22 2012

    I’m writing from near Washington DC. This bag looks like the perfect size for my little collection of washi tape.

  19. Sharon / May 22 2012

    I would use it for a small stitching or knitting project

  20. Danijela / May 22 2012

    Love this,my favorite color.I would use it for make up,maybe for little crochet project too =o).
    Danijela from Serbia here.

  21. Amy in UK / May 22 2012

    I love this boxy bag!! I’m writing from London England and have just spotted several fabrics that I LOVE !! Especially love the Vintage NOtions fabrioc – I’ve never seen that before. Love the Purple Chairs too…and Red lotus…and Turquoise stars… You have REALY great taste!!

  22. elven johnson / May 22 2012

    OOPS forgot to add what I’d put in the bag….Silly me….I’d use it for all the little stuff in my backpack.

  23. lora / May 22 2012

    what a wonderful giveaway!! thanks for the chance to win. 🙂 I think I would use the bag to put my makeup in. (I’m also having a giveaway on my blog for a Shabby Chic Vintage Linens Bundle & a handstamped pendant – I’d love it if you stopped by!) Blessings, Lora (

  24. saraccino / May 22 2012

    I am from leipzig, germany 🙂 I would use the bag for my craft stuff I always take with me in my handbag 🙂

  25. Bethany / May 22 2012

    I need the bag to hide my makeup from my 12 year old daughter.

  26. Georgia / May 22 2012

    I’m commenting from Illinois! And I would use this for makeup. 😉

  27. Nadine B / May 22 2012

    I am from West Virginia and this bag would look perfect with some knitting in it.

  28. Laura Reich / May 22 2012

    That’s so generous, thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Julie / May 22 2012

    Hi Dani! How could I not throw in my name for one of your gorgeous handmade items?! 🙂 I’m commenting from the UK, and would totally use your pouch – should I be so lucky as to win – to hold knitting projects. Or small hand-stitching projects. Or embroidery projects. Projects, anyway! I love to have them in handy-to-take along, self-contained project bags and yours are just too lovely!

  30. Jodi / May 22 2012

    I am in far southern tasmania, and this bag has hair stuff written all over it.

  31. brandi / May 22 2012

    100% this would be a great makeup bag for traveling!

  32. Cinnamon / May 22 2012

    I love box bags. I almost always put knitting in them 😉 Hello from Oregon!

  33. Sarah N / May 22 2012

    Commenting from the uk 🙂
    This looks like a great bag for makeup, stationary, yarn, crochet hooks, sewing bits, anything really!

  34. chrissy / May 22 2012

    I love these boxy bags and will use it for toiletries when I go out of town! How fun to get to pick out the fabric used to make it! How great of you to participate in this giveaway! Thanks!

  35. Margaret / May 22 2012

    I’d use the bag for makeup and toiletries. You have some nice fabric choices.

  36. Alice / May 22 2012

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I live in Charleston, SC, and I’d love to use a bag like this for keeping my pens and inks together.

  37. Linda / May 22 2012

    Hello, I’m from Maryland and I’d use this bag to hold all the little things I like to stuff into my suitcase while traveling. Thanks for the chance to win. Linda

  38. Mandi @ The mab Blab / May 22 2012

    My current makeup & toiletry bag is woefully small. This would be a lovely replacement! I am a Texan married to a Louisianan & currently living in Arkansas. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  39. Sherri I / May 22 2012

    I am in Kansas at the moment. I think I would put some of my small books in it to protect them as I travel. Thanks for participating in the giveaway.

  40. Binks / May 22 2012

    I’m from Los ANgeles, CA and I think it’s a toss up between filling it with my make-up for crafty stuff. Well I guess both are my essentials.

  41. Sissy / May 22 2012

    Wow! 4,5,6,and 8 grabbed my attention. i would like to put embroidery supplies in this. Thank you.

  42. nicole / May 22 2012

    hello from HOT, houston, texas!
    i need a new make-up bag and this would be perfect, but i also need to replace my boring plastic pencil box for school…and this would work too! either of those! 🙂 nicmowat AT gmail DOT com

  43. Karen Pior / May 22 2012

    Hi. I am writing to you from Victoria, Australia. I would use the bag to carry my sewing machine foot and power cord in when I take my machine out of the house. Cheers, Karen

  44. Andrea / May 22 2012

    I’m coming from the fabulous burg of Grand Rapids, Michigan and I would love a box bag to put knitted sock projects in!

  45. Leslie / May 22 2012

    WooOooOw. Love this blog. (found you through instagram)

  46. Lisa Estrada / May 22 2012

    I’m in California and love your box bag. I plan to give it to my daughters for their dance stuff.

  47. Danny / May 22 2012

    I am from Gilbert, AZ and I would probably use it to hold some of my daughters toys in my purse!

  48. Dulce / May 22 2012

    Hi! I’m visiting from Southern California. I would definitely fill this beauty with makeup or sewing tools :]


  49. Libby / May 22 2012

    I’m from Grand Forks, ND and I would use this to hold all my kid’s entertaining toys in my purse – you know, the toys for emergencies 😛

  50. Chloe / May 22 2012

    I am commenting from Tasmania, Australia. I would use the bag for super special sparkly things! By that I mean all the bits and bobs (sequins and glitter glue and sparkly thread) that I use in craft with the five year old daughter. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

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