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    We Tried

    Well, sadly our dress did not win any of the judging categories at the quilt show. But there is still a chance for viewers choice! If you happen to be in Hampton at the show this weekend I would love it if you could drop a vote or two in the box. We know we did a great job on it, which is all that matters. I have a couple of random knits that I have been meaning to show you all for a while: The socks that I made for Mom R at Christmas were a little too big for her. While we were out at Michael’s she saw…

  • Gifts,  Quilting


    My boss and friend Whitney has been looking forward to having another little girl join her family. So when I saw the Ruffles Quilt on the Moda Bake Shop (awesome site by the way, especially if you have a ton of precuts in your stash. Ahem.) I knew that it would make a great baby gift. (As always, click for a larger image) It’s made using a jelly roll, and while the construction is not too complex, it has these sweet little ruffles. I used moda Glace for the fabric, because I thought it suited Whitney. More vintage than girly. I did make a lot of changes to the pattern…

  • KSC Designs

    Shop Update

    Lots of new listings this morning in the shop, including a few rolls made with limited edition fabrics (there will only be a couple of these!). Lots more to come in the next few days!