• KSC Designs

    Holy Pile of Fabric Batman!

    I placed a huge order for fabric from Hawthorne Threads the other day. Huge. Biggest order I have ever placed by a long shot. Order that gave me heart palpitations as I hit “Place Order”. And two big boxes of lovelies arrived this morning! This isn’t even all of it. I hope you guys see something you like, because it will all be in the shop in one form or another soon! In the meantime, it is taking over my work table….

  • Gifts

    Gorgeous Stuff

    A while back my niece graduated from Grade 8 (?? Isn’t she still about 4??) and I wanted to get her something kinda funky. Etsy to the rescue! One of the things I have found with having my own etsy shop, is that etsy is now the first place I turn when I need a gift. Or fabric. Or pretty much anything. I got this neato necklace from Untamed Menagerie. In fact I thought it was so neato, I bought one for myself too. And I favourited a bunch more of her stuff. It would be cheaper if I didn’t love jewelry so much. Do you have any favourite etsy…

  • Cards,  KSC Designs

    Cards, Anyone?

    You all know I mean the greeting type of card, but I do love a good game of Hearts with friends, or even Euchre, even though I need to be reminded how to play it every time. And there was even a rowdy game of Hand and Foot (?) at Jenn’s grandma’s once. Great game, but for the life of me I can’t remember how to play it. However, onto the paper cards. An update, yes? I have been quite enamoured with this set of stamps ever since I received them as a gift. It just seems to be the perfect set for so many occasions. One of these days…