May 2006

May 31st, 2006 - Still Here

Truth be told I have not had any interesting knitting to post for a while. Every morning I think "I should post" but then I realize that no one wants to look at a big brown blob of progressing cardigan. And summer has been thrust upon us here in Toronto, with two days of 42C with the humidity (that is 108F for our American readers). While no one enjoys the heat more then I do, it definitely doesn't make you want to pick up the big brown blob and lay it on your lap.

I did get some excellent news that a good friend of mine is pregnant. She made sure to tell her two knitter friends first, "so we would have lots of time to knit things". Smart lady. Actually, the mom to be is a knitter too, so I need to pick out some really cute items to knit. Suggestions from the crowd?

While I was away on the long weekend (the 2-4 weekend - see excellent explanation here) at a friend's cottage, there were two or three minutes when it wasn't pouring rain. In this brief time I jetted out the door to stalk the wild life with my camera.

Unfortunately, this heron was too smart for me, and wouldn't let me get any closer. I did get to watch her swoop around the lake, which made the rainy cold weather worthwhile.


May 16th, 2006 - Progress Updates

While I am not a big fan of posting progress updates, that's what I have for you today. I often wonder how the more skilled and popular bloggers come up with such interesting a witty things to talk about every day. But I suppose that is why they are writers and I am not!

First, is my knee socks I am making out Lorna's Laces

Aren't those spring colours awesome? I love knitting with this yarn when it has been so dreary lately. I am just about to turn the heel on the first sock. As a side note, how did I ever knit anything other then a toe up short row toe/heel sock? I love this sock method - it is simple, I don't need a pattern, and you can try the sock on as you go. It has definitely moved into the staple sock pattern for me.

As for my plain old wool cardi, I am done the back

and I am trucking along on the right front. I am really looking forward to wearing this one. It is going to be a nice loose fitting cardi that I will be able to throw over anything.

I have already started to think about my next sweater, and I think it is finally going to be Rogue!


May 12th, 2006 - For the Love of Bags!

I will admit it, I have a bit of a problem with bags. I love almost every purse/bag/basket I see, and I have to try really hard not to spend a great deal of my income on them. But when I got a $10 LK gift certificate from Stephanie for participating in her focus group, I could not resist buying this

Mmmmm, Lantern Moon. Isn't this the greatest bag ever? It is somewhere between a bag and a basket, and I have already started using it for all of my knitting. It seems like such a sophisticated bag to be carrying around. And you know me, I am ..... *cough* .... sophisticated. Someone at the SnB mentioned that it would be a great display basket for my new studio when I move into my house, and that just made me want to buy multiples. Sigh.

Thanks everyone for your feedback about wool vs. fancy yarns. I see that I am definitely not alone in my thinking. I do feel like I have grown up a bit with my knitting. I don't find many of the pattern books out there interesting anymore, because I think they are geared at the new trendy knitting. I would prefer to knit something that is not on size 15 needles with a novelty yarn edge. It is not that there is a thing wrong with those items, they serve their purpose, I am just more interested in a beautiful thin Aran or something with a slightly interesting construction. I guess since I am starting to look for items that will last me a long time, that I plan on knitting for a long time. Shocking, really.


May 10th, 2006 - I am Happy, Just Plain

I have started work on a plain, brown cardigan

I am using the Snap Cardigan pattern from Blue Sky, and I am knitting it with Cascade 220. And you know what? It has made me realize something: I like knitting with good old plain wool. Is there something wrong with me? I have knit with all of these beautiful blends of silk and alpaca, and everything else, but when it comes to a sweater, I just want a plain Peruvian Highland, Cascade 220, EcoWool type of yarn. I just think that it is so much more durable, holds it shape, and is easier to knit with. I am going to start keeping this in mind when I am choosing yarn for a project. I think I am going to keep all the fancy yarns for more fancy things - stoles, scarves, bags etc.

I think that I am evolving in my knitting. I am learning a lot more what types of things I will actually wear when I have finished knitting them, and I want to waste less time knitting things that will look cool once, but then never get worn again.

Does anyone else feel this way? Or do you all love the different blends of fibres that are available?


May 8th, 2006 - Early Mother's Day

I have arrived back from Mont Tremblant unscathed, despite my first incidence of lost luggage (nothing major, they delivered it about 3am the night I arrived). Still, a little panic had set in since the dress for the first day of training was to be business casual, and I had only my usual plane attire - jeans and a t-shirt.

All week while I was away I was looking forward to Saturday night. A few weeks back, my parents (well, my Mom officially) and family friends of theirs bought a Greek restaurant called "The Prince". For many years in Whitby, the Prince has been sort of an icon. A few years back it was sold by the original owners, and the new owner kinda killed it, to say the least. So my Mom decided that since she was going through a change of careers anyway, she would like to get into the restaurant business. Through a few weeks of hard (that is an understatement) work, it has been brought back to better then it's original glory, and last night was the first night I got to go and try it out.

Not just because I am their daughter, but because it was amazing, I cannot stop raving about how good everything was. If you are ever in Whitby (or traveling east from Toronto and need somewhere to stop for dinner), you have to go have some souvlaki. Or mezadakia. Or saganaki. Oh. my. And the staff are pretty friendly too *wink* (it is on Hwy 2, between Anderson and Garden, right beside the Dairy Queen). Here is a little map action for you

So to show my mom how proud of her I am, and also to celebrate an early Mother's Day, I whipped out the sewing machine.

As I mentioned before, my Mom and I took crochet lessons, and my Mom has really taken to it. So she needed to get a set of hooks. When you unroll this little tube

and flip up the flap

all the hooks that Mom didn't have already are inside. This was a fun quick little project, and I has me thinking about doing another needle roll for myself. And also about how much I cannot wait to have my studio in my new house so that I don't have to root through our only closet to get out my machine.

It was just something small, but I hope my Mom (and Dad too!) know how very proud I am of them for everything that they have accomplished. You guys are going to be a resounding success.


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